Hundreds of businesses have chosen BankCard. Terminal Solution for their card processing requirements. Customer service is a priority for us, and our customers know it. Profit from increased sales while avoiding credit and debit card fraud with our terminal solutions. We offer the highest level of payment security no matter where or when you conduct business.

Talech Newland N910 SS

The Newland N910 is a card reader that comes equipped with a barcode scanner, quicker printing, a bigger printer paper roll, and 4G Support. It is possible for it to just work as a card reader or as a POS when it is equipped with talech. It utilizes an Android operating system that has been customized.
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Poynt Solution

Poynt is a fully – featured smart solution for your mid sized business that represents the next generation of smart solutions. Utilizing your portable smart terminal, you are able to accept payments, manage both your inventory and your workers, and either print or send receipts through email or text.
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Ingenico Moby

A clean and scalable design is provided by the Moby. In addition to this, it has a number of contact pads and a USB-C connection, both of which facilitate the process of integrating it with a wide variety of smartphones, peripherals, tablets, and accessories. Options that use a white label make it possible to mark the front of the gadget in a unique manner. Simple and Quick Integration.
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Ingenico Desk

The Ingenico desktop series was developed to provide retailers with the ability to take all forms of payment and to improve their customers’ experiences at the point of sale.
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Ingenico Move

A game-changer that paves the way for a new universe of commercial applications to be compatible with portable payment terminals.
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Moby 5500

By integrating payment processing into any mobile solution, your customers will have the ability to benefit from more adaptable and diverse checkout options.

Moby/5500 is a versatile and space-saving solution that is applicable to all kinds of mobile devices in addition to our Converge platform for the processing of payments.
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