Zero Cost processing program

BankCard, Surcharge Program allows merchants to substantially reduce their Monthly Credit Card Processing Fees by shifting those costs to the customer

This helps merchants rapidly increase profitability, making a big difference for smaller businesses or start-ups. Here’s how it works: First, the merchant doesn’t have to change any of their prices to implement this program because they continue charging their regular fees and offer the option of credit card payment.

When a customer chooses to pay with plastic, the cost of using that credit card becomes the responsibility of the customer instead of the merchant. Third, bankcard. co provides all necessary software tools, support, and valuable consulting services designed to help you get started quickly and avoid costly errors.

Zero Cost Acceptance

You have a wide variety of options available to you that you may put to use in order to decrease your costs and increase your overall net profit. Your firm may have contemplated limiting the sorts of credit cards it accepts, or perhaps deciding whether or not to accept them at all. It’s clear to see that credit cards are just another expenditure in today’s economy when more than 70% of Americans opt to use a card. What if you could operate your business and cut costs? Your organization may need to impose a premium to credit card purchases.

Because of our zero-cost acceptance scheme, there will be no cost to you when you take credit cards. How? By passing the cost of the premium on to the cardholder rather than keeping it for your company, you may reduce the impact that using credit cards has on your bottom line.

Reduce Flat Fee

You are able to take credit card payments without having to worry about the impact they will have on the finances of your company, regardless of the type of credit card the customer uses. In addition, when you use Credit Card Surcharge, the cost of accepting PIN debit cards is reduced to a flat fee of only one percent plus twenty-five cents for each transaction. You only need a Tetra terminal or a website supported by our Converge platform to get started. With the certainty of our Credit Card Surcharge pricing model, you can confidently take control, both literally and figuratively.

It is possible for a company to adjust rates at any time. You’ll need to generate and then download a new terminal file when you’re ready. The updated terminal package should be downloaded as soon as possible to guarantee that the rate and price plan are in sync.

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